The  brief was to design a brand activation for use in Travel Retail locations to reflect the ‘Spirit of Metaxa’ –  ‘Don’t Drink It, Explore It.’

Exploration, travel and education as the new aspiration; not status, wealth and luxury products.

The campaign was inspired by the Brand  Ambassadors and includes eco sub-campaigns aligned to them and their accomplishments…

  1. Creative alignment with existing brand guidelines.
  2. Creation of graphic universe.
  3. Full activation concept design including customer engagement tools and installations.
  4. Sketches, 3D design and renders.
  5. Disruptive, engaging, educational, experiential, credible, agile.
  6. Design of a ‘kit of parts’ modular activation with an afterlife – intention is to be reused ‘for good’ as part of ongoing CSR activity and campaign.
  7. Materials = reusable, recyclable, sustainable, bio-created, reusable, locally available, environmentally friendly and low energy use.
  8. Materials = GRP, stainless steel, old casks, zero emission paint, PLA 3D printing filament and ocean waste.
  9. Partnership planning.
  10. Modular kit of parts means leveraging the advantage of economies of scale.
  11. Activations can be boxed at a central source and sent ‘flat pack’ to each airport for in-situ assembly
  12. Facilitates production, shipping and security.

[Strategy, concept & sustainability by Terry for Concourse]