Heinemann Cruise

The  brief was to design retail merchandising units for on-deck cruise ship locations. We took a radical departure from ‘standard’ kiosks for this project.

  1. Our kiosks are modular on the interior allowing a wide range of products to be displayed. Shelves are adjustable and can be configured in a number of ways.
  2. Dual opening tambour doors are used, which neatly disappear into the top and base of the unit. When the day is over, they simply pull back into place and can be securely locked. The doors open from both sides to allow the kiosk to be shopped from both front and rear as required.
  3. Tech is integrated in a number of ways. Firstly, a digital mirror is located on both ends. This brings information (animated if needed) to the guest and can also be used as a touch screen.
  4. The power saving kiosks have integrated solar panels and batteries to allow the unit to self power & charge. This negates the need for a kiosk to be situated near a plug socket for maximum location options, including on deck. The battery can also be charged from a socket if required.
  5. Lighting comes from low power LEDs from under the roof and under the shelves.
  6. We haven’t forgotten about the little ones on board either. As well as detachable terrariums to create disruption and add natural beauty, we’ve created a low level fruit farm at the base (an area that is genuinely difficult to merchandise). Kids are encouraged to pick and eat the fruit, which is grown 24 hours a day using natural and UV balanced LED lighting.
  7. Sustainable materials have been used such as cradle to grave boards and laminated bamboo boards, a welcome and sustainable departure from MDF. Metals can be fully recycled, paints are water based and there is minimal use of plastics.

[Sustainability & design by Terry for Concourse]