Banyan Tree

Our brief was to move Banyan Tree products from Spa to Retail in a way that fully echoes the brand’s principles, with an end result to get the brand noticed by airports and airport operators to gain placement in Travel Retail.

The design would bring the Spa to Store and deliver a retail system adhering to the brand’s mission, and conceptualised in their values based on a ‘for good’ and ‘fully sustainable’ framework.

  1. Creation of a ‘spa’ experience based around curated products and treatments
  2. Design of a modular ‘kit of parts’ retail system with as much ‘air’ as possible = less materials needed
  3. Brand identity elements are inherent in the wire pattern of the system
  4. Steel material = the most recycled material on the planet. High steel content for recyclability.
  5. Wire steel frame construction reduced material usage to the bare minimum without compromising structural stability
  6. Design can fold flat for transport efficiencies and the huge reduction of weight is beneficial
  7. Use of local manufacture partner business in Singapore to minimise logistical costs and impact

[Sustainability & design by Terry for Concourse]